Are you open all day? Yes! We are open non-stop from 9am to 10pm everyday.

To Keep In Mind: Continual Service.

Until what time to you serve breakfast/brunch? Until closing at 10pm. To be clear: our entire menu is available all day and every day of the week.


To Keep In Mind: 7/7 and 14hr/24

Do you ever close? Yes: on Christmas. Aside from that, we are open even on holidays, even on Christmas eve, even on new years day and our staff are always in a great mood!


To Keep In Mind: We are open 364 days a year.

Do you take reservations? Yes for 5 person or more, but not for bunch. Reservations start from 5 pm and on, unfortunately we do not. It is pretty much “first come = first serve”. But there is quite a bit of room

Do you have vegetarian dishes? Yes we do! Even veggie-burgers… and they’re really good! The patties are home made and vegetable based (not tofu) and they are as big as the meat burgers.


To Keep In Mind: Ask for our Veggie Club or our “Sans-Remors”, yummm!

Are the fries homemade? Yes they are! They are delicious hand cut fries.


To Keep In Mind: Ask for our Psychedelic fries.

All in all, Bolduc is a great spot (what did you say? It’s your favorite casse-croute?)